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Lead Developer of Gulden, Malcolm MacLeod, declares that the current Bitcoin price rally is not real.

Nobel-winning economist Robert Shiller says bitcoin is

Stocks such as Dollarama Inc. (TSX:DOL) are safer investment options.

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Experts Disagree Some experts fear that what goes up must come down.

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Do you think Bitcoin is in a bubble? - Quora Answer: When I invested in Bitcoin in 2010, it was worth a few cents per Bitco......

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The surge of bitcoin has been raising fears that it could be approaching bubble territory.Warren Buffett, Howard Marks and Nobel economist Robert Shiller have warned the craze will end badly.Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people excited by change. So is bitcoin a bubble, or the biggest bubble.Triggers for the bubble to burst could be a further crackdown by regulators or a major.Bitcoin bubble is bursting and has a long way to fall, economists warn.

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Bitcoin Price Growth Is Speculation, Bubble Will Burst: MacLeod.

However, some analysts are a skeptic of the progress and wonder when the Bitcoin bubble burst.

Bitcoin bubble is about to burst, major money manager says

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This Is the Clearest Sign Yet That the Bitcoin Bubble Has Burst.

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But the dominant reason at the moment is that it is rising in price.

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What caused bitcoin bubble to burst and how related ETFs will react.

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Bitcoin prices are in a bubble that will burst in the near future because the cryptocurrency has many inherent flaws, Allianz Global Investors said in a report.On when crypto market bubble is going to burst remains a mystery, but as things look at the moment, Bitcoin is having a strong breakout that more likely is going to.Will it continue, as backers insist, or is the bitcoin price rise a sham investment,.For how long will bitcoin keep dying and rising, watch this clip to find out.

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